> Nerd Nite Seattle [59]: Star Wars Holiday Special

Nerd Nite Seattle [59]: Star Wars Holiday Special

You’ll Obi-Wanna be at this month’s event in anticipation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Filmmaker Don Thacker and software engineer Evan Witt will give us technical insights into the making of the Greatest Film Series Of All Time.


Evan Witt: The Musical Language of Star Wars

b-b-b-baaaaaaah BAAAAH b-b-b-BAH bah b-b-b-BAH bah b-b-b-bah! There are a hundred reasons why Star Wars resonates with audiences so personally, but near the top of the list is its landmark musical score. Why do we remember the music to Star Wars so well? In this talk, we’ll take a deliciously nerdy examination of the musical language in the Star Wars films, and the history that influenced it. Come enjoy a study of the style of John Williams, learn the musical ways of the Force, and become an orchestral Jedi master!

Evan Witt is a software engineer by day, and a video game composer and film score aficionado by night. He regularly writes music for small hobby-project games and loves to talk about how music affects the presentation of a story. You can watch Evan’s film score analyses at his “Studies in Scoring” Youtube series. He knows what’s wrong with modern Hollywood soundtracks, and he’s going to FIX IT, I tell you!


Don Thacker: GIF vs GIF, and the bifurcation of the human soul.

Star Trek or Star Wars? Red Team or Blue Team? Edward or Jacob? Piper or Mr. T? The human condition is wrought with divisive choices and that may just be the best thing ever.

Dormant for a hundred thousand lifetimes after first being deposited by way of explosively fractionated meteoroid, Don Thacker emerged from the Earth’s asthenosphere a viscous blob of mutable polysilicate some time in the late 1970s.

In his time among you he has become an award-winning feature film writer/director [Imagos Films] and a designer/developer of video games [Imagos Softworks, Pixeljam, XGen Studios, Robot Loves Kitty, Rocketcat Games]. He also builds autonomous robots, collects game consoles and plans to one day return to the icy depths of non-local space.


High Dive Seattle
Tuesday, December 20th
Doors open at 6:30, talks start at 7:30
$5 / 21+
BYO food or order Red Star Taco Bar through the bar

Accessibility: There are no stairs to the venue’s entryways or bathrooms. Tables are at standing level, but there is open seating at the front of the stage. Please message us if you have further questions, suggestions or concerns!

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