> Nerd Nite Seattle [57]: Pride and Protagonists

Nerd Nite Seattle [57]: Pride and Protagonists

High Dive Seattle
Tuesday, October 18th
Doors open at 6:30, talks start at 7:30
$5 at the door

Sarah Faulkner: Jane Austen: Sappy Spinster or Brilliant Badass?

The recent movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies appears to take the classic beloved (and despised) Austen novel and make it more “badass” with the addition of violence, gore, and heaving bosoms. Sarah is here to tell you that Austen and her novels were badass far before zombies came along. Frequently challenging the conventions many believe she followed, Austen’s heroines are a revolutionary middle finger to contemporary conduct novels and the patriarchy.

Sarah Faulkner is a PhD student in English at University of Washington, where she focuses on eighteenth and nineteenth-century British women writers. She has presented her research on Jane Austen at Cambridge University and the University of London, and has her second article appearing in print next year. She has also attended a Regency ball in full costume.

John E. Williamson: Narrative Tricks and Shortcuts

Desc: On a dark and stormy night, when it was the best of times, it was also the worst of times for your game. Writing is hard, harder still if you don’t consider yourself a writer. We will skip over the Literary Theory and interpretation that drove you mad in English Lit class. Instead, this talk will cover narrative hacks, tricks, and shortcuts used by Hollywood to create compelling, memorable stories and characters.

John E. Williamson is has served as a Writer, Designer and/or Producer on over three dozen titles, in nearly every genre, on nearly every platform (Hawken, Super Nova, the original Spec Ops series, Rainbow Six, Alone in the Dark, Frogger). John understands the value of a good tale told well, appreciates the challenges of working within the budget constraints of time, money, assets, and RAM, while valuing the joys and wonder that come with interactive story telling.

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