What lurks beneath the sunny cyber exterior of the internet? What you don’t know may shock you!

After years of loyal Nerd Nite attendance, two regulars are finally gracing the LUCID stage with their formidably nerdy talks. Be there and be square.

Nerd Nite Seattle
7:30 (Doors open at 6:30)
Admission: $5

Don’t Click On That
Brent Dorman

There’s a lot of crap on the internet. Half your matches on Tinder are porn robots. A friend on Facebook just posted another (obviously fake) Jennifer Lawrence sex tape. Your Twitter and Instagram feeds are filled with shoes… an unending stream of knock off shoes. Someone’s behind all this spam – but who are they? And how do these scams actually work?
Brent works on security at Facebook. For the past several years he has regularly dived into the dark underbelly of the internet to protect your innocent eyes from what lurks beneath.

A Bit about Bitcoin
Mark Wronkiewicz

What is this bitcoin fad we keep hearing about? Hasn’t the news media, which always factually verifies its stories, reported its death like five times anyways? At this nerd nite, you’ll get a thoroughly geeky walk through of this resilient internet currency’s internal mechanisms, as well as the outlandish tales that have stemmed from its existence. Truth is truly stranger than fiction (especially when you’re talking about pseudo-anonymous internet money invented by some shadowy unknown internet figure that allows transfer of money between any two people in the world and is essentially impossible to regulate).
Mark is a graduate student studying Neuroscience at UW. His work focuses primarily on Brain-Computer Interfaces, i.e., controlling computers and robots by thinking for both rehabilitative and augmentative goals. Outside of the academic realm, he enjoys hiking, predicting stock price and sports outcomes, and playing the guitar (poorly).