This month we bring you a Nerd Nite first: a married couple sharing the stage together as our two speakers! We’ll be learning about the wild world of crash test dummy and the literally wild world of our national parks. Be there and be square!

Nerd Nite Seattle
Wednesday, December 17
7:30 (Doors open at 6:30)
Admission: $5

You Could Still Learn A Lot From A Dummy: What Vince & Larry Never Taught Us
Tim Lloyd
How do you really know you’ll be safe when that texting teenager blows a red light and t-bones your car?  The car salesman mumbled something about crumple zones and pre-tensioners and a 5-star safety rating, but you were busy picking out interior colors – what was he talking about?  Just how do crash test dummies work, anyway?  And can the MythBusters really call their dummy “Buster” when it’s really a bunch of different dummies used in different ways?
From the moment he could first talk, Tim Lloyd was always reminding his family members to buckle their seatbelts.  Now he’s an aerospace engineer who designs systems to keep people safe in space – and when they return to the ground, however rapidly that might happen.  Throughout his career, he’s had the exciting and sometimes frightening opportunity to learn all sorts of things about impact safety in cars, airplanes, and even sportsball.  When he’s not busy doing that, he and his wife, Emily, are attempting to teach their 1-year-old son how to cook.

America’s National Parks: the non-drowsy formula
Emily Gunther Lloyd

Do you love the wilds of North America? Were you thrilled when you heard Ken Burns had done a documentary on the National Parks? Did you eagerly settle in to watch all 12 hours, eyes glued to the tv, sitting on the edge of your seat? How long until you passed out, drooling on your cat? Do you even remember anything beyond the opening music? Allow a former NPS ranger to help! Enjoy a pleasurable, organized, relevant, and thematic talk about the quirky history of America’s greatest idea, and the people who have kept it going.

Emily Gunther Lloyd, armchair naturalist and former Cave Guide, enjoys spending time with her family and soaking up as much trivia about Natural History as humanly possible. Long live Sir David Attenborough!