Why go through all the trouble of finding a mate when you can just split yourself in two? And why does it seem like everyone and their mother has an allergy nowadays?

This month, Nerd Nite is bringing you two fabulously nerdy talks on sex and things that cause rashes. Unrelated, of course.

Bee there and be square!

Nerd Nite Seattle LUCID
7:30 (Doors open at 6:30)
Admission: $5

Why Sex Wins: The Evolutionary Advantages of Sexual Reproduction
Mimi Cheng, Ph.D.

Ever wonder why sex evolved when living organisms were perfectly content with reproducing asexually for millions of years? Why go through all the trouble of finding a mate when you can just split yourself in two? In this talk, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of asexual vs. sexual reproduction, The Red Queen Hypothesis, the different agendas of males and females, how meiosis and sex generate genetic variation, and why variation is an evolutionary advantage for a species.

Mimi has a Ph.D. in biology from Johns Hopkins University, where she was responsible for the lives and deaths of millions of fruit flies. During her post-doc at the University of Washington, she realized that teaching was 77% more fun and 90% less frustrating than doing research. She now spends her days teaching biology at a local university, watching too much television, not knitting nearly enough, and never going rock climbing.

Debunking Common Allergy Myths 
Kevin Dooms, M.D.

It seems everyone has an allergy these days.  But do they?  Come hear a discussion about common allergy myths and whether or not they stand up to the evidence.  We will see how the immune system goes haywire to generate allergies.  We will also try to sort out the vagaries of allergy testing, along with competing definitions of allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity.

Kevin Dooms is a UW Med alum and pediatric allergy specialist in Bellevue, where he spends at least half his day telling patients they’re not allergic.  In his spare time he eats copious dairy and gluten, which he finds extremely delicious.