Nerd Nite Seattle
Monday, July 20
7:30 (Doors open at 6:30)
Admission: $5

Talk #1: Banana Bonanza! A Brief History of the Bizarre Berry
Marielle Saums

One of the world’s most consumed fruits, the banana is bland but far from boring. The Cavendish variety found in grocery stores today bears little resemblance to the bananas first cultivated in Papua New Guinea 10,000 years ago. From banana republics to clone wars, learn how the economy and ecology of this freakish fruit changed the world at this month’s Nerd Nite!

Marielle Saums previously gave a Nerd Nite talk about botanical explorers. Her favorite banana dish is the Elvis sandwich.

Talk #2: Vroom, vroom, crash — why it’s so hard to fix your own car (and so easy to hack into it)
Krunal Desai

Why does it cost $400 to change a headlight sometimes? What happened to the good old days of being able to fix your car with duct tape and WD-40? Vehicles are now filled to the brim with computers that are black boxes to the user — but not to hackers! Learn about the details of modern vehicle electronics, why you can’t really fix stuff yourself anymore, and why it’s easy for folks to send you careening of the road if they so choose!

Krunal is an electrical engineer who bailed on the auto industry to work on spacecraft. As a German car owner, the realities of simple repairs turning into multi-day, very expensive jobs are sadly all too familiar.