Whether you’ve been wanting to learn how to procure a jumbo jet or hunt a rare plant species, this is the Nerd Nite for you! Be there and be square. (Well, as square as you can be on 4/20.)

Nerd Nite Seattle

Monday, April 20
7:30 (Doors open at 6:30)
Admission: $5

Here’s your $350M jumbo jet – engines not included | Liang Sim

Commercial airplane sales is a glamorous and complex game, replete with multi-billion-dollar wins and losses, titanic egos, ingenious deal-making, Hollywood-worthy brinksmanship, and international political intrigue. And yet, on many levels, selling airplanes is very similar to selling houses, razor blades, and insurance. Come and learn how jet makers peddle their marvelous machines, and keep airlines hooked on them for decades.
Liang Sim is a business strategy analyst (and engineer at heart) at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. On some weekends you’ll also find him at the Museum of Flight, leading guided tours of the Space Shuttle flight deck and Boeing Field.

The Perilous Lives of Plant Hunters | Marielle Saums

Botanical explorers have long embarked on global treks in search of scientific breakthroughs and profitable plants. Were their discoveries worth facing occupational hazards like shipwrecks, murder, snake bites, and syphilis? Celebrate 4/20, the day of herbaceous indulgence, by learning why these badass botanists risked their lives to collect specimens under such precarious conditions.

Marielle Saums works in water quality testing but spent college toiling away in botanical libraries and herbariums. Her first experimental endeavor was an attempt to cross-breed azaleas when she was eleven years old.