> Nerd Nite Seattle [67]: Stars – They’re Just Like Us!

Nerd Nite Seattle [67]: Stars – They’re Just Like Us!

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Come stay cool with us this August! Matthew Beasley will send us to the stars with a talk on supernova formation, and Johnathan Loritch will bring us down to earth with an overview about the history and function of the Enneagram personality test.

Matthew Beasley – Nice Star You Have There — Be a shame if anything happens to it.
Matthew will walk through the last and most interesting stages of the life of a massive star. From the exhaustion of hydrogen to the creation of heavy elements – the last days of a dying star are critical to the elements that we and our planet are made out of. If you want to get an insight into one of the most spectacular events in the universe, come on in!

Matthew is a Principal Optical Scientist experienced in
designing astronomical optical systems. While at the University of Colorado at Boulder, he was the Principal Investigator for an ultraviolet astrophysics sounding rocket program where he designed and built space flight instruments. He enjoys barbeque and can consume significant amounts of brisket.


Johnathan Loritch – Enneagram
Why do some people seem undefeatingly optimistic? Why do some people always feel the need to state their opinion? Why are some people so passive? Why did Bjork wear that swan dress that one time? Learn how your childhood ego formation affects your hopes, fears, relationships, and interests on a daily basis! The Enneagram is an ancient Sufi symbol turned philosophical framework turned personality test. Using the Enneagram’s 9 energy types, you’re going to learn how people are more similar (but complicated) than you realize.

Johnny is an ENFP Hufflepuff scorpio Enneagram 9. Johnny is also a fermenter, public transit-rider, tumblr addict, and aspiring acupuncturist farmer.


High Dive
Tuesday, August 15th
Doors open at 6:30, talks start at 7:30
$5 / 21+ / No one turned away for lack of funds
*Posting House Rules Soon*

BYO food or order Red Star Taco Bar through the bar

Accessibility: There are no stairs to the venue’s entryways or bathrooms. Tables are at standing level, but there is open seating at the front of the stage. Please refrain from wearing scented products in consideration of attendees with allergies and sensitivities. Please message us if you have further questions, suggestions or concerns.

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