> Nerd Nite Seattle [66]: Corvids and Cables

Nerd Nite Seattle [66]: Corvids and Cables

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We’re covering everything from the sea to the sky this month! Doctoral researcher Kaeli Swift will demystify crow and raven behavior, and engineer Chris Woodfield will discuss the the Internet’s oceanic origins.

Chris Woodfield
“Wiring the Oceans: How We Built the Intercontinental Internet”

There’s a lot more to getting data across an ocean than URLs ending in “uk” and “jp”. For the past 150+ years, cable engineers have dealt with outsized egos, third-world politics, crooked fishermen, spies, sharks, earthquakes, and, oh yeah, having to build some really big ships in order to make the internet truly global. Learn why “dope” isn’t a drug, and why “slack” isn’t a religion. And find out why sometimes the Law of Leaky Abstractions sometimes does, in fact, actually leak.

Kaeli Swift – University of Washington
Crows and ravens are found on nearly every continent where they routinely infiltrate the hearts and minds of the humans who share their space. Kaeli will discuss some of the general aspects about crows that contribute to our affinity (and sometimes hatred) for them, with a particular emphasis on concepts that are the most frequent questions people have about crows including play, tool use, communal roosting, and, of course, funerals.

High Dive
Tuesday, July 18th
Doors open at 6:30, talks start at 7:30
$5 suggested / 21

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Accessibility: There are no stairs to the venue’s entryways or bathrooms. Tables are at standing level, but there is open seating at the front of the stage. Please refrain from wearing scented products in consideration of attendees with allergies and sensitivities. Please message us if you have further questions, suggestions or concerns.

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